X-axis: 2400~ 14000mm 
Y-axis: 1300~2510mm
Z-axis: 200~ 500 mm

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Large Board: Industrial wood working router, suitable for various material, especially for working on massive board such as wood furniture industry.
Floor Area Saving: Suitable for working on long panel. The X-axis travel could be even up to 14M. ( Model: M4690 )
High Efficiency: Working on the whole panel without cutting into small pieces to decrease cost and increase quantity and quality.
Rigid Structure: Direct drive X-axis by using servo motors at both sides of moving gantry, and use high-precision rack and pinions to ensure fast moving and best accuracy.
Multi-Functions: Diverse models and complete equipments, includes entry-level machines and multi-function machines integrated with automatic loading/unloading and labeling system, such as nesting, drilling and milling.